Welcome to Glashusets KBT new Website

Welcome to Glashusets KBT new Website

It is finally here and we really are proud of it!

Our new site is built to reflect the spirit of Glashusets KBT: we want to inspire you and invite you to start a change journey.

There are so many things I would like to say about my services that it was very difficult to keep texts to a minimum. But it is done, and this really makes the site more streamlined and interactive. And if you still want to know more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or KBT as it is usually referred in Swedish) just leave your e-mail and your questions in the contact page form

Glashusets received its name from the special room where I started counselling. The room has large windows, is decorated with plants and opens into a beautiful garden, creating a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.

My glasshouse is still available in Julitavägen, of course, as I have received very positive feedback my customers, who really like the room. But for those of you who find convenient a more central location Glashusets KBT also offers now the possibility of booking sessions in Surbrunnsgatan 5.

Glashusets KBT’s site also includes a new online booking system and allows you to provide your contact details if you want me to reach back. I have also decided to publish my Calendar with the aim of providing an overview of available times.

And finally, we have added this Blog section where I hope you will be reading our posts, which I intend to keep writing from time to time. The posts will touch different aspects of therapy treatments and the problems which we can address with CBT.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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